Originally named Roberts Tankers, the company began trading on the 2nd of January 1995, established by Colin Farmer,
Alwyn Bowering, Andrew Stokes, Stuart Garside and Thomas McDonnell; all former employees of Charles Roberts
Engineering Limited. As a result of a legal challenge against the use of the Roberts name, the company was renamed, taking
the initial of each director’s first name, to form TASCA – T(homas) A(lwyn) S(tuart) C(olin) A(ndrew). Their diverse skills and
experiences gained at their previous employer were instrumental in the creation of the firm foundation on which the
TASCA Tankers enterprise was launched. The mission was to maintain a manufacturing base for road tankers within the
Wakefield area in order to keep the tradition alive. Such a venture, in that climate of economic decline, would have been
deemed financial suicide by any economic commentator of the day.

The early days of the original premises – already filled to capacity!

Initially the company carried out repair and fabrication work, which subsequently led to the manufacture of
road tanker barrels for other companies, and soon began to build complete vehicles.

TASCA Tanker’s first order for a completed Authorised Distributor Road Tanker, ready for delivery to Cusbar Transport of Dublin.

Following on from the success of its first rigid road tanker build, TASCA Tankers grew to become the dominant force in the
UK rigid road tanker industry, having to expand within the existing factory complex on two separate occasions,
to accommodate increased product demand.

A huge loss to the company in 1997 was the death of one of its founding members, Colin Farmer (Sales Director).

The turn of the new millennium brought with it a new business venture, an expansion into the LPG industry.
This proved to be a valuable diversification to TASCA's portfolio and we now offer vessel remounts, repairs, periodic
testing, as well as entire new builds.

An early TASCA built LPG tanker.

By 2003 TASCA Tankers had developed into a thriving business with an enviable reputation for quality and service.
To cope with further increased demand for production, we relocated to larger premises more suited to the company’s needs,
but remaining firmly situated within the Wakefield area. The new facility includes a large tank building shop complete
with two overhead cranes, and a large area for hydraulic tank testing. The new chassis fitting workshop has more
floor space and is substantially higher than the original, meaning barrel movements and mountings are easier and safer.

A view of the larger fitting bays in the new workshop. A brief side-line for the company was the manufacture
and fitting out of narrow boats, an example of which can be seen in the background.


The new tank building shop, complete with a comprehensive hydraulic testing facility.

In 2004, only ten years after the company was founded, TASCA Tankers were voted as Fuel Oil News’ Road Tanker Manufacturer
of the Year. Nominated by Heltor Ltd for two identical, 18,500 litre capacity, DAF CF 6x2 vehicles, it was an accolade richly
deserved by a company that encapsulates the spirit and tradition of British engineering.


Another diversification to TASCA Tankers’ capabilities arose in 2006. A long standing reputation for our refueller vessel
manufacturing capabilities led to orders placed for fully fitted out rigid type aviation refueller vehicles. This area continues to
expand to this day, and promises to continue to be an exciting business sector for the future.


In early 2012 TASCA Tankers acquired Maidment Tankers of Littlehampton, West Sussex, strengthening our foothold in the
south of the country, with the addition of its comprehensive build and repair facilities. The company continues to trade as
Maidment 2012 Ltd, with guidance and direction from TASCA Tankers as its parent company.

Shaun Harte of TASCA Tankers, top, with Neil Large of hlw Keeble Hawson and Lyndsey Shaw of
Sterling Corporate Finance, who supported TASCA in the takeover of Maidment Tankers.


The Early Days
TASCA Tankers' First Order
LPG Venture
New Workshop
New Tankshop
Tanker Manufacturer of the Year
Aviation Refueller
Maidment Take over

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